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Repeat Chapter 1 from 2007

Nancy Peebles Browning and Ransom Middleton Meadows
Chapter 1


Michal Farmer found out that Ransom Meadows (1786) and his father Isham (1765) last paid taxes in Greene Co GA -that we know of- in 1815 and that Isham Meadows, had moved from Warren County, North Carolina, to Wilkes County, Georgia, in 1790 with the William Acree family. It had always been my understanding that Isham (Jr.)´ s mother was a Frances Acree. Isham´s father was born 16 Feb 1740 Bristol Parish, Prince George Co., Virginia. But Michal Farmer says that Frances Acree is Isham (Jr.)´s wife instead of mother.

Isham (Jr b 1765) sold his land in 1815 and his son Ransom witnessed the deed in December of 1815. I do not know if that was ALL of his land or only some of it. After Ann Sherrill died (or Frances Acree), Isham married a widow reported by descendants as Martha Stephens Norsworthy. There is a break of no children born between 1808 and 1815 so I would set the marriage to Martha speculatively at 1814. Ray Norsworthy is of the same mind because it would fit into the births of some known Georgia Norsworthy boys who may have been Martha´s children.
I do not know if Martha releases her dower rights in 1815. If not, does it mean Isham married Martha later than 1815? It was reported by family that he brought a large family with him to Alabama (about 1820) and the 2 children by Martha and Isham (Martha 1815, James 1818) as well as Asa born 1808 would not have qualified as "a large family" in those days. Daniel Edward was born after they got to Alabama. This would lead me to believe that he had with him Martha´s Norsworthy children as well as Asa´s older brothers and sisters born after 1800, making them age 20 and younger in 1820.
Ransom left Greene County GA after Christmas of 1815 or probably by March of 1816. When Ransom Meadows first came to Alabama he went to Mt. Miegs, the fort where the government of Alabama was at the time. It was also along the Federal Road. Ransom moved around trying out several places, even buying land in Montogomery County where Mt. Miegs was, until he settled on Lowndes County. The Robert Hardy (b ca 1782 VA see family of Lunenburg VA and Edgefield SC and the Ransom Middleton Meadows family both lived near Hayneville, Lowndesboro County and became closely associated. Robert Hardy´s Nancy Peebles Browning had been born 5 June 1804 in Greene Co. GA, and some of Ransom´s children were born in Greene Co., so their acquaintance may have had seeds in Greene Co GA. Many people think that Nancy came from Thomas County GA but this is false. The 2 counties are at least a hundred miles apart and have nothing to do with each other. There are no records for her family in Thomas Co in South Georgia.
Thomas County is where the family of Radford Browning settled. E. F. Browning in his book mixed up Radford Browning with John Browning and combined them as one man, a common mistake in genealogy. There is a falsified list of children made for an application for DAR membership in 1954 Arkansas using the 1847 Bible/Family Book 1953 "transcription" which is a manipulation of dates and Nancy´s marriage to fit the E.F. Browning book. At that time they did not know any better than to think a book must be the truth.
There are records for this house in 1812. There is some confusion about whether Ransom Meadows built the house to the upper left. The name Thomas Hagood is also involved but as far as I can tell Thomas Smallwood Hagood born 1847 Lowndes married in Nov. 1868 in Lowndes Co and perhaps he married into the family. He was the son of James and Sophia Hagood of SC who arrived in Alabama about 1836, long after Ransom Meadows. There are some Hagoods in Smiths Creek, Warren Co. NC in 1830 census.
Ransom named it Meadowlawn. He turned over to his son William Meadows to take care ofprobably about when William married. Ransom still owned it in 1860 because William claims no real estate in the 1860 census. After Ransom´s 3 oldest sons died, about 1842 he went north. At some point a Meadows great granddaughter inherited Meadowlawn. She was a descendant of Ransom Meadows born 18 June 1846 to William and Angeline Meadows. The 1846-born Ransom Meadows´s wife was Clara Matilda Howard.
17 May 2007
Thanks ever so much for your warm reply. I especially appreciated seeing the photo of Meadowlawn and reading the accompanying material. This is because my wife and I visited Meadowlawn in May 1993, spending a pleasant two hours on the big veranda with Roberta Meadows McGovack, then 91 years old. Her father was Henry Howard Meadows, her grandfather Ransom (b 1846), her great-grandfather William (b 1820), son of Ransom the builder of the mansion.
We visited Meadowlawn and (fortuitously Roberta) to find out what we could about what we had thought was the place where Isham Jr had settled in Lowndes County. Roberta told us much of the story about the big cotton plantation, illness and Ransom's (I understood as Isham's) escape flight to avoid more malaria (some of her story now looks confused, but we still cherish the visit). I wish we had had more time to explore the area.
Roberta couldn't identify the wife Isham brought to AL, except by a fascinating anecdote: that Isham was set to marry a certain woman but went off on a trip to Mobile, met another woman, and married her! She gave no names, though..... (As "the imaginative one", you may appreciate my repeating Roberta's story despite any corroboration.)
Again, thanks for the additional information.
David Ray Norsworthy
Robert Hardy and his wife Nancy Peebles Browning moved to Coosa County about 1837 to improve Robert´s health, as the swampy climate near Hayneville/Lowndesboro was too wet and full of mosquitoes. Ransom Meadows followed about 1842. Stephen, Thomas, and Jerry Meadows had died after 1840 and that was the last straw for Ransom. These deaths broke Ransom´s heart and he decided to get out of swampy Lowndes before more of his beloved children died. He left the plantation to his son William and followed Robert Hardy northward. Robert had moved to Coosa since about 1837 because iof his own health. The land Ransom bought was on the Tallapoosa County side of the Coosa river at Fish Pond and was only a few miles from Nixburg in Coosa Co. where the Robert Hardy family lived. The two families continued to associate and intermarry.

Originally Ransom had gone from GA to Mt. Miegs, east of MontgomeryAlabama about 1816/17. where he lived for one year. Mt. Meigs is 10 miles east of Montgomeryon the route of the historic old Federal Road, a major traffic artery of it's day. Then, he went to Autauga, thirdly to Lowndesboro in Loundes County about 1819-20, then finally in 1840s to Alexander City, Tallapoosa. It was 1/4 mile from Elleahatchee (?spelling) near the old Crow place-a Fereba/Phereba Crow married a Meadows-do not know if there is a connection.
To the left side (click on the image to get a large image you can read) is a story told by a descendant Jewel Nolen who wrote a great book about her ancestors, but she does not realize that Moses (her great grandfather) is the son of Ransom Meadows and not of Ransom´s son William Meadows--so please disregard that. She thinks that William left behind at Meadowlawn in Lowndes Co is her great great grandfather. But he is her great great uncle. There are quite a few pages to come and I am very excited about this addition and family story about Ransom Meadows, flawed as it may be so far as her confusion about her ancestor descendancy.

Five of Nancy Peebles Browning Hardy´s (later Bankston) children married 2 of Ransom´s children and 2 grand children. Later, Nancy´s second husband James Madison Bankston married Ransom´s daughter Elizabeth after her first husband John B. Hardy died. It is very likely that Nancy and James got a divorce afterJohn B. Hardy died. John B.´s widow then married her mother in law´s ex-husband. (In 1900 Elizabeth states she has been married 35 years.) The connection between the Robert Hardy family and the Ransom Meadows family and the importance of Nancy Peebles Browning in the Ransom Meadows descendancy is explained here.
What I wonder is why there is this persistent telling of Indian heritage in the family. I find none. I am not sure how Ransom earned a living and I speculate how much of his wealth was tied up with dealings in Indian lands, maybe sold to him in order to protect his many Indian contacts. Speculation: maybe he bought whole villages so that they could be "hidden" there on their ancient land. Where he lived was the middle of the Creek Nation. Was his wife a Creek descendant? Did she have connections? Were half of his slaves actually Indians posing as slaves? or were they slaves which the Indians owned in his area? Did he plot a plan to prevent his friends from going on the Trail of Tears in 1838? He may have had thousands of acres, said to have been almost all of Alexander City today. In 1860 only 37 slaves are listed and yet he was said to have had 200-300 slaves. But one cannot build such large houses and own thousands of acres of land with so few slaves. It is written that he was good at buying and selling and turning profits. Ransom amassed great wealth, evident in the houses he built- like Meadowlawn in Lowndes Co. AL.
Speculation: Did Ransom´s son Stephen meadows marry a Creek Indian? Stephen´s daughter Mary Ann Elizabeth was said by family to be "full" but that was not possible since her father was Stephen Meadows, so maybe Mary Ann Elizabeth was half Creek. or was it simply the style of the day to wear Indian style dresses and jewelry, leading descendants to think their relatives were Indian? Was Stephen´s mother Sarah Stephens a Creek Indian? Did she originally not wish to be buried in the Mausoleum with Ransom because it was not the Indian way?
Nancy Peebles Browning was the mother of Mary Ann Elizabeth Hardy who married Milous Meadows, Ransom`s son. Nancy was also the mother of John B. Hardy -b. 1825 Edgefield Co SC -who married Elizabeth Jane Meadows- b April 1827 Lowndes Co AL, and she was the mother of Robert W. Hardy and William Allan Lansing Hardy who both married Mary Ann Elizabeth Meadows, daughter of Stephen Meadows, son of Ransom Meadows. John, William A.L., Mary Ann Elizabeth and Robert W. HARDY were children by her first marriage to Robert Hardy born 1782 in LunenburgVA who lived near Hamburg, Edgefield Co SC before leaving for Alabama before 1818, although he kept property in Edgefield thru January 1828.
Ransom Meadows Dick (a grandson of Ransom Middleton Meadows) served in the Confederate Calvary (military records), then married Nancy Browning Bankston at Coosa Co in 1865. Nancy was the daughter of Nancy Peebles Browning by her second marriage, to James Madison Bankston born June 1815 in SC. James´ sister Louisa Bankston married Allen A. Hardy, son of Nancy Browning Hardy Bankston. They were married by his father Joseph Bankston who was the minister at Primitive Fish Pond Baptist.
left: Picture of Didema Hogan wife of Moses Meadows dressed in her usual Indian style check(as Oel Castner reported) with square collar and braids in hair.
Fish Pond was originally an Indian Village of the Okchai and they had several villages, one of which was called Lalogalga, translated "Fish Pond," on a branch of Elkhatchee Creek, 14 miles up, in Tallapoosa or Coosa County-known by trader's as the "Fish Ponds" and located on the Coosa River situated in present-day Coosa County, Alabama. It was the Upper Creek village on the Tallapoosa Riverfourmi above Oakfuske.Hawkins suggests that their town of Okchai had three distinct villages, or settlements: Lalogalga (Fish Pond) Asilanabi, and Pochusehatche (translated "Hatchet Creek"- a district in the 1850 Coosa census). Lalogalga (Fish Pond or Fishpond) is listed by Major Caleb Swan as a settlement of Okchai in 1791; however we know it was probably settled as early as 1777 when Hannah Hale was captured and given in marriage to Hopaiethle Haujo of this village. This settlement made by the Okchais was commonly referred to by the fur traders as the "FishPonds" because it was situated near a pond-like creek. This pond-like creek would later be called Jack's Creek.
Ransom´s sons Moses, Gilbert and Miles are buried in cemetery of Primitive Baptist church at Fishpond, Coosa CountyAlabama. Moses gave the land for the church site, and the grave was kept clean, but no grave marker was ever placed. One has been placed recently. Moses married Didema Peebles Hogan a few days after she turned 14 years-she was born 5 Dec 1833 in Montgomery was an orphan at age 9 and a half after her mother Martha O.N. Browning Hogan died. Her father was supposedly Creek Indian- Daniel Hogan b. 1791-1800, but Cindy Stamps had found no evidence of this in any court papers concerning his death or in her research into his father John Hogan of VA. Didema´s mother Martha Patsy O.N. Browning was born 1 June 1806 died 3 February 1843
Didema P.´s husband Moses Meadows signed the marriage bond for his niece Mary A. E. Meadows, my children´s ancestor. Her name was Mary Ann Elizabeth Meadows, the daughter of Stephen "Steve" who died of Yellow fever or Malaria in Lowndesboro. She grew up with Ransom Meadows, her grandfather which means she actually lived in the great plantation house at Lowndesboro till she was about 10 years old.

Ransom donated the land for the Fishpond Church in Coosa. Bobbie Siegel found this deed transcription:
June 4, 1853 given a deed for 5 acres of land for Fishpond Primitive church and grounds.

This deed is recorded in the Courthouse at RockfordAlabama. Part of the deed is given here:

State of Alabama, this Indenture made and ....entered into this fourth day of june in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and fifty three between Ransom Meadows of the first part and the Primitive Baptist Church at Fishpond of the second part....that for and in consideration of the love he has and good will for said Church have this day gave unto this said Church five (5) acres of land designated as township twenty-six (26)...near the Youngville have and to hold for the use of said Church, so long as it continues a Primitive Baptist Church for the use and benefit of said Church for which I bind myself my heirs Executors Administrators and these present to warrant and defend the title of said tract or parcel of land together with all the appurtenances there unto belonging against the lawful claims of all other persons so long as said Church shall remain on said land and remain a Primitive Baptist Church after which time of either the Removal of said Church or a change from Primitive Baptist principles then the said land to be reverted back to the said Ransom Meadows and his heirs and assigns -- Given under my hand and Seal the Day and year above written. 
Witness: John G. Ogletree [his grandson]
Ransom Meadows
1850 Tallapoosa , AL 12 Dec House 1376
Ransom Meadows NOT INDEXED

Runtsum Maddows 63 $4000 farmer NC Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1786
Sarah 59 GA Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1791 GA
Miles 16 GA Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1834 Alabama

John W. 7 GA Township 23, Tallapoosa, AL abt 1843 Alabama (grandson- Gilbert´s son by a 1st marriage to Martha Matilda Snowden)
1860 Tallapoosa AL
Ransom Meadows Western Division, TallapoosaAL 73 1786 NC Male $57,000 $103,000
Sarah Meadows Western Division, TallapoosaAL 70 1789 Georgia Female
Mary Sanders Western Division, TallapoosaAL 50 1809 Georgia Female $5000 (Mary Meadows)
Noly Sanders Western Division, TallapoosaAL 35 1825 Georgia Female (Mary´s step child?)

From an undated newspaper clipping:
"Ransom was a man who believed in
"making arrangements," undoubtedly a long range planner. When the time came to settle in his final resting place, there was already constructed and waiting a sturdy, stone mausoleum. Time and the elements and some vandalism have taken their toll on the pre-1800 structure, but it is still in good shape in a wooded area about one-quarter mile off Elkahatchee Road, three miles from Alexander City, Alabama, near the old Crow place. In this self-styled mausoleum are the bodies of Ransom and his wife Sarah. Ransom's son William and daughter-in-law are also said to be buried there, as well as Patsy Farris- Ransom´s daughter Martha. Sometime between 1830 and 1840, Ransom and all of his living sons except William left Lowndesboro and went to Tallapoosa Co. in the face of malaria and yellow fever epidemics. It is said William out lived all of those who left him behind inLowndes County.
"William´s grandfather Isham Meadows, Jr. also remained in Lowndes Co. and died there. Isham was born in 1765 in Virginia, and the grandson of another Isham Meadows, who was named for the Bermuda Hundred settlement in Virginia, founded in 1649.""Marker at mausoleum:
born in Warren County N. Carolina
Dec. 25th, 1786
Married Sarah Stephens
Feb. 4th, 1808
April 2nd, 1863
aged 76 years, 1 month and 7 days. 
“This was part of his large plantation and a provision was made in his will that if the land was ever divided and sold this two acres could not be included. This sepulchre is built of solid rock and was built by his slaves. At one time he owned more slaves than anyone in Coosa County. His plantation covered most of what is now known as Alexander City, Alabama. From these same pages a note near Martha Meadows name says that they are buried in the sepulchre with Ransome and Sarah. I have searched through typed and handwritten notes from relatives past, and have found no references to Martha's children (if any) I hope this helps. From: Steve Meadows"
Below-is Ransom Meadows grave Foto courtesey Oel Castner
“Susan, I thank you for the wonderful article about Ransom Meadows. I have been to Fishpond cemetery where Didema grave is. As you know she was Creek Indian and the Fishpond cemetery and Baptist Church is the seat of the Creek nation. All of the Hogan's are there. The name Susan appears several time in the women of the Meadows family. I hope you get the attachment to my e mail. I have been to this cretch several times it is a few miles on Meadows property,it has been sold but today's owners will let you visit....I am fith generation Meadows on my mothers side. My grandfather was Oel and I bear that extremely interesting name.... The Creeks still function as a tribe, and there history and current administration still continue through family members who live near or attend to Fishpond Baptist Church. The people who lived in the communities near Fishpond were made up of native American folks and families married and resided side by side, mostly farmers. This is the story that I know about Didema. I have photos and have seen photos of her and if you were able to see them you would understand the Creek part be cause she looks full Native American. She wore bright checks and even wore Indian bead work. Didema was born 12-5-1833, and died 11-10,1912. Her father was Alonza Hogan [her brother was Alonzo-her father was Daniel]

Hogans are buried in the Native American portion, of the cemetery. A small rock fence separates these families. Anglo American and Native American. No record is available about her mother's name. [She was Martha "Patsey" O.N. Browning] My grand mother alluded to it as perhaps Thunderburk [this is a misspelling of a local German family name called Funderburg/Funderburk]. When she was only twelve, both of her parents died of typhoid fever within the same week [They died 2 years apart but may have been sick at the same time when he died]. She had no sisters and just one brother. Didema was jolly, pleasant,and easy going. She was quite thrifty, and did not want to waste anything' She like to talk and visit with everyone. She and Moses always went to Primitive Baptist Church. (Note Primitive Baptist) This probably was literal. She always had her church paper, which was the first church paper published.Moses and Didema Hogan Meadows are buried in Fishpond Cemetery. Moses and Didema children are Daniel (Dan) Ransom Meadows 5-25-1849;d1934 he married Mary B._____(b1849;d.1929 He was a successful farmer and trader of stock and cattle......oel castner”
There is a Daniel Hogan is in Wetumpka, Autauga, AL born 1805 SC with a woman Sarah b 1805. He was NOT Didemie´s father. Her father Daniel Hogan was born 1791 to 1800 and is in Nixburg, Coosa in 1840 with their 2 children Didema and Alonzo and Martha his wife-- "Patsy"Martha O.N. Browning born 1 June 1806 who died 3 Feb 1843, d/o John Browning and Nancy Peebles.
COMMENT: Family history which has come down over the ages from my side of the family is that Daniel Hogan married Martha Browning born 1 June 1806 died 3 February 1843 recorded in the John Browning Bible. (See images under new blogger next week.) Martha named her daughter Didema Peebles Hogan born 5 Dec 1833 after her younger sister Didema born 28 December 1815. Didema Browning married a cousin David Peebles in February 1833. Didema´s death 18 September 1835 is recorded with her married Didema Peebles name. In the Browning Bible, Martha´s death is recorded as Martha O. Hogan. Hogan´s death is not recorded, yet deaths of husbands of other children are are recorded. Daniel Hogan died before Patsy (Martha) Browning on 10 Sept 184o. Hogan died before Patsy (Martha) Browning by several years- not the same week. See email below:
Thanks for sending the material. I am trying to digest it all but am 
puzzled by what I just scanned over--the references to Didema Hogan 
Meadows being a Creek Indian. First of all, her parents did not die 
within the same week. Martha Browning Hogan died several years after 
Daniel . There are court papers when she went to court after his 
death. Second, where did the information come from that Daniel was half 
Creek Indian. I have found nothing in my research to indicate this and 
would like to pursue it. Daniel was the son of John R. Hogan, who left 
a slave to his son Daniel in his will. That same slave was named in 
Daniel's court papers when Martha Browning Hogan went to court to settle 
his estate, so I am certain he is the correct one. John R. Hogan was 
married to Susannah Bradshaw, his first cousin. The Bradshaws, Hogan, 
and Robinsons all came together from VA; I don't think there were any 
Creek Indians in VA in their lines, and I have found no Indian ancestry 
in the Browning or Peebles lines. 
I am working with another Hogan researcher,a man named Hogan whose 
ancestors are there in NC also. He did DNA, as did one of my mother's 
Hogan cousins, who lives in AR still. We had a very close match, so are 
working the VA area. I'm not certain that this Creek ancestry is valid.
Cindy (Stamps)
The Hogan children´s names are recorded in court papers in Arkansas:
Cindy Stamps found estate papers for John Browning's estate in Clark County,

Arkansas but could not find the will. According to the estate papers there
was a will "annexed."
"The papers are somewhat hard to read but here is a
partial transcription:
"August 28th AD 1844
This day personally came Nancy Browning before me, James S. Ward, Clerk of
the Circuit Court and En officis Clerk of the Court of Probate in an for the

County of Clark, aforesaid, and, presented letters of Administration with
the will annexed on the estate of John Browning deceased, and David M.
Browning, Francis J. Browning, and William F. Browning, appointed executors
in and by the last will and testament of the said John Browning deceased, to
execute the same, refusing to enter upon the execution of the said last will
and testament. It is therefore on the motion of the said Nancy Browning and
by consent of the said David M. Browning, Francis J. Browning, and William
F. Browning, ordered by me James S. Ward...that letters of hereby granted to the said Nancy Browning."
Now the above does not name the men as sons but later in the papers are
listed John Browning's heirs:
1. Elizabeth Grady (don't know who Elizabeth's third husband was)
2. Nathan P. Browning
3. David M. Browning
4. Francis J. Browning
5. William F. Browning
6. Nancy Bankston 
(Nancy Browning Hardy Bankston, widow of Robert Hardy, wife of James Madison Bankston as of 11 Jan 1846, Coosa Co., AL)
7. Alonza Hogan and Diadema Hogan 
(children of Martha "Patsy" O. N. Browning and Daniel Hogan, both deceased and buried in Coosa Co., AL)
8. Mary Graham 
(“Polly”wife of Samuel NeSmith Graham, Montgomery Co. and Butler Co.,AL-is this Polly M. Browning or Mary Didema Peebles? a grand daughter)
9. Lucy Ann Bozeman and Michael Bozeman (of Clark CountyAR) "
COMMENT: John V. Browning died at age 10 months 6 October 1812.
Browning died 18 September 1835 at age 19 and 8 months 20 days. She and David Peebles had Mary Didema Peebles born 14 February 1834. 
Joseph Alanson 
Browning died 15 September 1839 age 21 and 25 days with no child
From Evelyn Justice, August 1967:
"My grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Meadows Justice, told the story that she visited at Ransom Meadows's home many times when she was a child. She said he owned about 4,000 acres of land and 200 slaves. It took fifteen years to build the house for the sepulchre, and was built on a large smooth rock. The cement was made of wood ashes, salt and water. Ransom begged his wife, Sarah, for several years to be buried there with him and she refused for a long time. Finally, shortly before he died, she promised him she would be buried there and this made him very happy. A daughter, Frances, was also buried there. For several years the family could go into the sepulchre and view the bodies. But a few years later someone broke in and broke the glass and stole the jewelry from the bodies then the tomb had to be sealed." 
COMMENT: Her grandmother was not Ransom´s daughter Sarah Elizabeth Meadows born 1811. Her grandmother is a generation later -Sarah Harriet Amy Meadows born 1846, daughter of Ransom´s son Gilbert Meadows. Sarah Elizabeth Meadows was the deceased aunt of Sarah Harriet and had married in Lowndes Co AL but died in GA in September 1836. Her descendants are the Oggletree chidren mentioned in Tallapoosa court papers which I have on this blogger below.1850 Tallapoosa , AL census 12th day of Dec House 1375
Gilbert Middows Township 23, Tallapoosa , AL abt 1818 Al
Rebecca Middows Township 23, Tallapoosa , AL abt 1827
Sarah H Middows Township 23, Tallapoosa , AL abt 1846 Al
James R Middows Township 23, Tallapoosa , AL abt 1848 Al
Martha A Middows Township 23, Tallapoosa , AL abt 1839 Alabama

Household: 1880
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Warren JUSTICE Self M Male W 30 AL Farmer GA AL
Sarah H. JUSTICE Wife M Female W 33 AL Keeping House AL AL ( Sarah Harriet Amy Meadows d/ o Gilbert Meadows- b 11 SEP 1846 in Tallapoosa)
Willie E. JUSTICE Son S Male W 10 AL Work On Farm AL AL
Isac C. JUSTICE Son S Male W 6 AL AL AL
Ona JUSTICE Dau S Female W 4 AL AL AL
Robert A. JUSTICE Son S Male W 3 AL AL AL
Lena JUSTICE Dau S Female W 5M AL AL AL

Source Information:
Census Place Nixburg, Coosa, Alabama
Nixburg is where the Hardys lived who married so many Meadows family members from Tallapoosa.

Notes Judge Thurman M. Gupton on descendants of Ransom thru son Moses, with handwritten note to Bobbie Spiegel in 1989.

The above paper is not really a "document." It is a family history done by a Judge in Texas who was probably going partially on what family said and partially going to the local library--he did not go to Coosa AL or to Tallapoosa so far as I can tell. Families´ stories have inaccuracies, but on the WHOLE they are correct.
Moses may have had to tie up paper work so far as the deed to Fishpond Primitive Church is concerned. So the story about who donated the land got a little mixed up. What families get mixed up more than anything is generations, sometimes putting 2 together or skipping one. In the case of who donated the land for Fishpond Primitive Church, family was jumping to the next generation as the "donator" of the land at Fishpond being Moses instead of his father Ransom who had signed the deed in 1853. maybe he also given land to Moses right next to the Church. No telling how the story evolved that Moses was supposed to have donated the land.
Below is a newspaper announcement concerning the sale date of a transcribed court paper from 1873 after Sarah Stephens death when Ransom´s remaining property was sold. According to family stories, he and Sarahdistributed their property to their children before Ransom died so that there was little left by the time he died. Just 350 acres. When a judge found out that the Meadows estates had never been administered, he ordered the sale of the land which Sarah had lived on.

A Petition was filed in Tallapoosa CountyAlabama, 18 January 1873, by Gilbert Meadows. To the Hon. Allen D. Sturdevant, Judge of the Probate for said county: Gilbert Meadows, a resident citizen of said county over age twenty-one years. He stated that Ransom Meadows, late of said county, decd., died owning 352 acres off the west side of Section 20, Township 22, Range 21, in said county, with other lands. After the death of Ransom Meadows, the said lands above were set apart as the dower of the widow of Ransom, Sarah Meadows, who has since departed this life 3 November 1872 leaving real estate unadministered. Petition further states that the following named persons are the children and heirs at law of Ransom Meadows: (1) Mary Dick over 21 years old and resides in Pickens(?) County, Alabama; (2) William Meadowsover 21 years old and resides in Lowndes County, Alabama; (3) adix Elias Meadows over 21 years old and resides in Pike [Polk] County, Texas; (4) Moses Meadows of lawful age and resides in Coosa County, Alabama; (5) adix Elizabeth Bankston over 21 years of age and resides somewhere in the State of Georgia, but petitioner is not informed as to her county; (6)Milas [Milous] Meadows over 21 years residing in Coosa County, Alabama; (7) Stephen Meadows who is now decd., leaving surviving him Mary Hardey who is of lawful age and resides in Coosa County, Alabama; (8) Martha Farris who is also decd., leaving surviving her June Boss(?) and Francis Farris all of whom are of lawful age and reside in Coosa County, Alabama; (9) Sarah Ogletree who died leaving surviving her John & Thomas Ogletree over the age of 21 years – John resides in said county and state, Thomas having died last resided in Coosa County, Alabama leaving surviving him Daniel, Sidney, and Elizabeth Ogletree all under fourteen years of age; (10) Petitioner Gilbert Meadows who is of lawful age and residing in said county and state. Petitioner shows that all the above mentioned heirs at law & children of Ransom Meadows are joint owners and tenants in common in said lands above described and have each a one tenth interest in said lands. Lands cannot be equitably & fairly divided without a sale of same. Henry A. Garrett is guardian ad litem for the minors in this petition. Transcribed by Russell Henderson from the original.
The below images of newspaper announcements were found by Billy Parker after I asked him to please look for proof for me that Mary was Stephen Meadows ´s daughter.
This page was given out by Fred Perkins at a Hardy reunion in Edgefield SC. A picture of the nancy browning hardy marker was clipped to the bottom of the page. I received a photocopy of the whole page from Nellie Sellers Newton.

Photo is of the old stone marker which was on Nancy´s grave at her son Richard´s plantation. When that marker was destroyed, another one was made, but that one was also destroyed by loggers in the Nature preserve where the former plantation was near Dollar, Alabama. So another stone was dedicated when pieces of the old one were found scattered. It is located about 3 miles SE of Ham Lewis Cemetery.
NOTE: This tombstone found by directions from Ethel (Wamick/Warmick)
Hammond, granddaughter of Richard Covington Hardy and Rutha
Elizabeth (Works) Hardy. According to Ethel Hammond, this is the
ORIGINAL grave of Nancy (Browning) Hardy. They moved
up from Lowndes for Robert Hardy´s health (he may have suffered
from after results of fever). They settled near Nixburg, Coosa County, Al.
Nancy was visiting her son Richard at the time she became sick and died.
Bad weather (possibly spring flood?) supposedly preventend him taking
his mother home for burial. But where "home" was is a mystery. There is a possibility she was living with Richard and
no longer with her husband and may have been divourced. The reason I speculate is that Elizabeth Jane Meadows
Hardy Bankston says in 1900 that she has been married 35 years to James Madiison Bankston which puts her marriage
at 1865, five years before Nancy Peebles Browning Hardy Bankston died. It is said by family tradition that Elizabeth´s
first husband died about 1867 or 68, but it could have been 1865. I suppose on the other hand it could have been a
great drama with Elizabeth leaving her husband and James leaving his wife and them marrying
in 1865. I do not have any proof.

There have been at least 2 tombstones. I have a photo copy of the first which says Nancy B. Hardy.
This second one says Nancy Browning Hardy. The birth date put in as 1800 was based on the first tombstone
saying she was "age 70 years."  She was not 70, however, and was only 65 when she died, having
been born June 5, 1804 in Greene Co GA to John Radford Browning and Nancy Peebles (both of
whose fathers have proven Revolutionary Service).
The original stone says Nancy B. Hardy which is odd because she was supposed to have been married to James Madison Bankston at the time. There is no census data for Nancy or James Madison Bankston in 1860 and 30 March 1870 was to early for Nancy to be in the census that year. But Madison Bankston is living with Nancy´s daughter in law Elizabeth Meadows who married Nancy´s son John B. Hardy. Elizabeth is listed as Bankston´s wife June of 1870 census in Jefferson Co. AL. I suspect that Bankston either married in a hurry after Nancy died or he had divorced Nancy earlier. That may be why it does not have her 2nd married name. On the other hand, what I call the first stone may be the second stone and the descendants did not know she was re-married to a Bankston and simply left it off when they made a second stone which would mean there are 4 stones to date ! At any rate James Bankston shows up married 2 months after his wife´s death in the 1870 census with Elizabeth as his wife. In 1880 they moved to GA. By 1900 they were back in Alabama.

This is the 2nd stone I think. It say Nancy Browning Hardy. There is now a 3rd stone now which Billy Parker has taken a picture of. It says Nancy B. Hardy.

Close up of Ransom´s stone. Ransom is buried three miles fromAlexander City (Tallapoosa County) 1/4 mile from Alleahatchee (?spelling) near the old Crow place. (Steve Meadows)

Abstracted by Sandra S. Wilson:
Approximately three and one half miles South of Alexander
City, Tallapoosa County, Alabama, on Elkahatchee Road.
Located in the NE Quarter of Section 20, Township 22
North, Range 21 East.
Ransom´s father was Isham Meadows Jr.. Isham´s first wife was Ann Sherrill. The name pops up again in Ransom´s grandson by son Gilbert: Moses Sherill Meadows b.14 FEB 1866. Michal Farmer says Isham married Frances Acree, daughter of Wiliam Acree of Greene/Wilkes GA. Isham married Martha Stephens/Stevens Norsworthy, a wid0w, also. Did Isham have 3 wives?Copies of documents to the left contributed by Mr. Bobby Meadows 4505 Anderson Rd., Opelika, Al 36801.

Explanation: Isham was said, by way of family stories, to have helped his father Isham Meadows (Sr.) to drive wagons with supplies to help the Revolutionary Army. If we calculate their ages at the tme the War broke out, we see this is a credible story. When the War started, Isham Sr.born ca 1740 would have been 36 years old supplying the army till he would have been age 42, and Isham Jr. born ca 1765 and age 11 when it began --at the end of the war age 17. To the left is a document from Hillsborough, Warren Co NC where we know Ransom (Isham Jr.'s son) was born. It refers to a payment to Isham Meadows of 9 pounds Sterling. There is no date, but I think we can assume that Isham Sr. would have been the one to have received a payment since he was old enough to provide proof to the Sheriff of his service.

Martha and Isham had 3 boys and 2 girls according to family oral history and according to census data from 1830 and 1840 in Lowndes Co. AL: Martha b 1815 James b. ca 1818 GA, Daniel Edward b. ca 1820 AL, Love b. ca 1822, and Benjamin S. b. ca 1824 AL. This is 9 years of child bearing after her marriage to Isham Meadows which coincides with Martha´s age if she were born 1779. Most women stop having babies between 42 and 48. She would have been 45 at Benjamin S. Meadows birth.

Isham Jr´s will of 10 February 1844 has children listed in 3 groups, and Asa is listed in 2 groupings. I have thought about it long and hard trying to make sense of the way he listed them. My opinion is that he listed them by age and by parentage. The first group of children was mothered by Ann Sherrill or Frances Acree and they are an older group in order of their births, of which Asa is the youngest born 2 Dec. 1808. I have Isham´s daughter Elizabeth Jane (1806) as one person and she is listed as such in the Lowndes Co. court papers.There is a break of six years before Isham begins to have children again after 1808, at least which we know about. These children are Martha 1815, James 1818, Daniel Edward (a double name) 1820, Love 1822 and Benjamin S. 1824. 

It is my opinion that Benjamin Meadows born in the 1780s was not the son of Isham Meadows born 1765. Isham's Benjamin was born 1824 in AL and has been ignored even though he is clearly to be seen in census data in Lowndes. Ransom was Isham's first- born 25 Dec 1786 and he is the first mentioned in Isham's will. The older children are mentioned in order of their birth from oldest to youngest in the first part of the will. The children by Martha are mentioned secondly and thirdly--from the youngest to the oldest in the 2nd group and thirdly from the oldest to the youngest. Asa b 1808 is mentioned in 2 groups, as youngest, in the first group and in the second group (which are in the reverse order for some reason) youngest to oldest. However in the the 3rd group, Isham names his youngest children (by Martha) in order of birth- oldest to youngest, starting with Martha whose husband Peter Huffman is executor of the will.

Isham's children by Martha Stephens are Martha b 1815, James b 1818, Daniel Edward b 1820, Love born 1822, Benjamin S. born 1824. He had a break of 6 years between 1808 and 1814 when he was not having children who survived or he was not married. His older children are born 25 Dec 1786 to 2 December 1808. A 22 year period of either one or two wives bearing children. He probably married Martha Stephens Norsworthy, widow, about 1814. She probably had 3 sons already, one of whom (William Norsworthy) is near them in Lowndes Co AL.

I think Benjamin 1785 is Isham 1765's youngest brother and not his son, again a generation mix up. Michal Farmer might consider proving me wrong. Benjamin S. Meadows was born 1824 in AL and he lived in Lowndes. He and his brother Daniel Edward Meadows both married Brassell girls. Proof of their relationship to their sister Martha Meadows Huffmann is that her son Daniel lived with brother Daniel Edward Meadows in 1860 (Montgomery Co) and then with brother James in 1870 (Lowndes). Martha's husband is the executor of the will of Isham. Census data below at Nancy Peebles Browning and Ransom Middleton Meadows.

Michal Farmer says: " Isham Meadows moved from Greene County, Georgia, to Jones County, Georgia, in 1810, with his grandson, Benjamin Meadows. Benjamin Meadors paid taxes in Jones County, Georgia, in 1811, on 202 ½ acres on Falling Creek, adjoining Downs, for Isham Meadows.In my opinion Isham Meadows (1740) moved with his youngest son Benjamin from from Greene to Jones Co GA in 1810 because the real Benjamnin grandson was born 1824 in in Lowndes Co AL. Isham Meadows born 1740 had an Isham born 1765 and a son Benjamin born 1782. They moved to Jones Co. Isham born 1765 named a son Benjamin S. in 1824 by his second wife Martha Stephens. I suspect S stands for Stephens.
1830 and 1840 compared and compiled by Ray Norsworthy
1830 and 1840 The census was begun before 19 April 1830 because Isham' daughter Martha Meadows married Peter Hoffman 19 April 1830 and they appear on the first page of the 1830 Lowndes census.
1830 m 60-69 (Isham, Jr) 1840 m 70-79 (Isham, Jr)
1830 f 50-59 (Martha) 1840 f 60-69 (Martha)
1830 m 20-29 (Asa) 1840 Asa is living alone with no wife in Coosa > Lindsey but he marries Sarah Foscue on 16 JUL 1840
1830 m 10-15 (James) 1840 m 20-29 (James -married Jul 17 1841)
1830 m 10-15 (could be a grandson)
1830 m 5-10 (Daniel Edward) 1840 m 15-20(Daniel Edward -married Mar 15 1841)
1830 m 5-10 (Benjamin S) 1840 m 15-20 (Benjamin S. -married Jan 25 1847 )
1830 f 20-29 (Susannah?) 1840 f 5-10This is the order in which Isham´s children are mentioned and what I believe is the order in which they were born:
byAnn Sherrill or Frances Acree:
1. Ransom 25 Dec. 1786 Warren NC 
2. Priscilla [1788 NC m Obediah H. Milner Jan 4 1806, Greene Co GA]
3. William [1794 Wilkes GA m Jane (Jean/Jincy) Meadows Jun 29 1815, Greene Co GA 
4. Nancy
[1795 born NC or Wilkes GA m. Hopson Milner in Jasper/Randolph Co GA
5. Isham [ca 1800 Wilkes GA married Nancy Pollard 5 July 1821in Wilkes Co GA] 
6. Susanna [1803?] 
7. Elizabeth Jane [ca 1806 supposedly married William S. Smith- no personal knowledge] 
8. Asa [born 2 Dec 1808 GA d Jun 11 1872 in Harrison Co TX married Sarah Foscue 16 JUL 1840 in Coosa Co]
by Martha Stephens Norsworthy, widow:
9. Martha [b between February and April 1815 GA married Peter Huffmann Apr 19 1830 in Lowndes and died having her 8th child Catherine Feb 1850. Peter married for the 3rd time after Martha's death. Family story: "Peter had 9 sons, six of whom died in the Civil War."
Ray Norworthy says-
"The 1840 Census of Lowndes Co AL shows Peter Huffman with wife 20-30 years of age and five younger persons (four probably children by Martha). This person whom I take to be Isham and Martha's daughter died Feb 1850 at the age of 34--in childbirth with her eighth child (I have seen the death announcement. Widower Peter Huffman, 54, is shown in the 14 November 1850 Census of Montgomery Co AL house 611/613 with seven children ages 3 to 17 and a married daughter (from an earlier marriage? Peter Huffman's Martha was born between Feb and Apr of 1815." 
10. James [ b ca 1818 GA married Ellen A. Poole Jul 17 1841]
11. Daniel Edward [b ca 1820 AL married Sarah P. Brassell Mar 15 1841] 
12. (Love 1822 died before 1840)

13. Benjamin S. 
[b ca 1824 AL married 1st Annie Brassell Jan 25 1847 in Montg Co AL, daughter of "Jack Brassel 70 M Farmer 5000 NC" - Jacob Brassell of Guilford Co. N.C died 1865 in Montgomery Co AL married Arrita Caffey 20 Mar 1827. It is a French origin name-BREAZEALE?Brazile and 2nd Elizabeth Ann Gordon Nov 25 1868, b ca 1836 AL, daughter of James H. Gordon b 27 Jul 1799 Kty (Carol Allsup) of 1860 Hayneville, Lowndes and his wife Nancy. James was the brother of David Gordon b 27 Jul 1797 Kty (Carol Allsup) and the younger brother of Samuel b: 8 Feb 1793 (Carol Allsup) in Madison, Kentucky. David married Susan M. Caperton and their son James Caperton Gordon died in the Civil war.] 
Here is Isham´s will as I have received it 4 years ago -I forgot from whom I got it, but it differs from Michal Farmer´s transcription in that Elizabeth Jane is one person and Daniel Edward is one person. Ray Norsworthy says he saw accompanied papers from the court records which listed Elizabeth Jane as one person also. I have made bold the names and have added the birth and marriage info by each child named-when available. Working with census data, I come up with a slightly different list of children than Michal Farmer does. I suspect the children were listed in birth order with the exception of Asa who is added first to the second set of children, but followed by names in order of youngest to oldest. Isham mentions Daniel twice, one as plain Daniel and second time as Daniel Edward. he gives Asa, Martha, James and Daniel Edward slaves, but gives none to the youngest -Benjamin. I wonder what he was thinking? However Ben ended up with just as many slaves as his brother.
The will of Isham Meadows of Lowndes County, Alabama, was made 22 November 1844, proved 10 February 1845, registered 25 February 1845 in Lowndes County, Will Book B, pages 154–156.
Will of Isham Meadows Nov. 22, 1844

I, Isham Meadows of the County of Lowndes and State of Alabama, do make and publish this my last Will and Testiament, hereby revolking and making voil all former Wills by me at any time heretofore made.
First: I direct that all my debts and funeral expenses be paid as soon after my decease as possible out of the first monies that shall come into the hands of my Executors from any portion of my Estate.
Secondly: I will and bequeath unto my son, Ransom
[b 25 Dec.1786-first born], the Mill Seat which he occupies at this time including all the land covered by the Mill Pond taken up by the race etc., say three acres more or less.
Thirdly: I give and bequeath all of my landed property unto my wife, Martha, during her life. At her death, I direct that the whole of the aforesaid land shall be equally devided among my following named children,
 Namely: Priscilla [1788 NC
 m Obediah H. Milner Jan 4 1806, Greene Co GA], William [1794 GA m. Jane (Jean/Jincy) Meadows Jun 29 1815, Greene Co GA], Nancy [1795 GA m. Hopson Milner on 30 Sep 1812 GA] , Isham [ca 1800 GA], Susanna [1803?], Elizabeth Jane [1806?] and Asa [born 2 Dec 1808 GA d Jun 11 1872 in Harrison Co TX]
Fourthly: I give and bequeath unto my wife Martha, all my negro property during her life, namely: Dolly, Sally, Mary, Sopha, Sam, John, Henry, Harriet, Joanna, Frank, Peter and Marcus. These negroes, I direct shall not be hired out but kept together on the farm.
Fifthly: At the death of my wife, Martha, I direct the the aforementioned negroes, Dolly, Sally, Mary, Sopha, Sam, John, Henry, Harriet, Joanna, Frank, Peter, and Marcus, with their issue of increase, be given to my following named children in manner as follows, Namely To my sonAsa 
[married Sarah Foscue 
16 JUL 1840 in Coosa Co], I give Sophia, to my son Daniel[married Sarah P. Brassell Mar 15 1841 Tusdaloosa], I give John and Harriet, To my son, James[married Ellen A. Poole Jul 17 1841 ], I give Sally and Marcus, and to my daughter, Martha,[married Peter HuffmanApr 19 1830 in Lowndes and died having her 8th child Catherine Feb 1850 ] I give Dolly and Frank.
Sixthly: I give and bequeath all my household and kitchen furniture, all my Plantation utensials, wagons, carts, etc., and all my stock, horse, mules, cows, hogs etc., together with all the crops of corn, cotton and everything appertaining to the farm whatsoever, unto my wife, Martha for her use and during her life. Also all the ready money which may be on hand. At her death all the aforsaid house hold and kitchen furniture, plantation utensials, waggons, carts, etc., stock etc., I direct to be equally divided among my following named children, namely: Martha
[b ca 1815 GA], James[b ca 1818 GA], Daniel Edward [b ca 1820 AL] and Benjamin[b ca 1824 AL married Annie Brassell Jan 25 1847 in Montg Co AL and Elizabeth Ann Gordon Nov 25 1868 ].
And I do hereby make and ordan my wife, Martha, as Executrix and Peter Huffman [son in law], Executor of this my last Will and Testament.
In witness whereof, I Isham Meadows, the Testator, Have to this my will, written on one sheet of paper, set my hand and seal theis the twenty second day of November in the year of Our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and forty four.

Isham Meadows (L. S.)
A. Douglas
Jas. D. McCall
Jesse P. Tatum
John A. McRea

State of Alabama
Lowndes County

Personally appeared in open court, Archibald Douglass, Jesse P. Tatum and John A. McRea, who being sworn on the Holy Evangellist of All Mighty God depose and say that they were present and saw Isham Meadows late of said County, in his life time, sign, seal, publish, and declare the forgoing instrument in writing as his last will and Testament, and that they together with James D. McCall who was also present at the request of said decedant, at the day of the date of said instument, in his presence and in the presence of each other, subscribed their names as witnesses thereto, and that said decedent at the time was of sound mind and memory.
A. Douglass
Sworn to before me this 10th day of Jesse P. Tatum
February, 1845 John A. McRea

Thos. M. Williams, Judge C. C. L. C.

The foregoing Will is a true copy of the original and registered 25th February, 1845

M. B. Hinkle, Clerk.

I, Harrell Hammonds, Judsge of Probate in and for said County and said State, hereby certify that the foregoing is a true copy of that certain Last Will and Testament of Isham Meadows, deceased, as found on record in this office in Will Book B, Page 154-6.
Given under my hand and Official Seal of Office this 28th day of April, 1960.
Information about Pricilla Meadows-
Information about William Meadows-
1850 October 8th Georgia > Harris > Dawdells
William Meadows 58 GA
Jane Meadows 54 NC
Lasley Odom 33 SC probably connected to Ransom's daughter Mary Dick whose daughter married an Odum in Louisiana
Susan A Meadows 29 GA
Priscilla A Meadows 16 GA
Gilbert 21 and Susan, Seaborn Meadows 32 and Rebecca and Joseph Meadows 23 and Susannah Meadows are also neighbors
1860: 18 th June Beat 7, TallapoosaAlabama
Post Office: De Soto
William Meadows 66 GA 
finally moved from GA to near his brother Ransom
Jane Meadows 64 NC
Susan A F Meadows 35 GA
Priscilla A Meadows 24 GA
Revisa Milner 32 GA

Lewis Milner 13 GÀ son of Robert D. Milner (son of Hopson) and Susan
William Milner 11 GA son of Robert D. Milner and Susan
Information about Nancy Meadows-
Name: Hopson Milner
Spouse: Nancy Meadows
Marriage: 30 Sep 1812 - Jasper, Georgia
1850: Georgia Militia District 782, HarrisGeorgia
Post Office: Hamilton house 153 Caroline Elizabeth Milner b 1818 in Jasper Co GA has left the house to marry FM Bradshaw, 
15 Nov 1843 Harris, Georgia. She died 12 Jun 1902 - Randolph, Al 
Hopson Milner 56 VA
Nancy Milner 55 GA 
Richard 19 GA
Joseph 17 GA 
Nancy 15 GA
Elizabeth 13 GA
Emaline 4 GA
1850: Georgia Militia District 782, HarrisGeorgia
Post Office: Hamilton 2nd Oct house 155
James Milner 21 GA
Mary Milner 18 GA
1850: Georgia Militia District 782, HarrisGeorgia
Post Office: Hamilton 2nd Oct house 150
Robert D. Milner 27 GA
Susan Milner 24 GA full name was Susan Lucy Meadows
Martha 5 AL born on a trip to visit parents?
Lewis C. 2
William D. 4/12
1850: Georgia Militia District 782, HarrisGeorgia
Post Office: Hamilton 2nd Oct house 182
L.B. Milner 29 GA
Sarah Jane Milner 25 GA
Ansalem 6 GA
Sarah Jane 5 GA
Alexander 4 GA
Elizabeth 1 GA
1860: Georgia Militia District 782, HarrisGeorgia
Post Office: Hamilton
Hopson Milner 66 VA
Nancy Milner 65 NC in 1850 she says GA
Emaline Lawson 36 GA daughter- had married Thomas Lawson 
21 Nov 1843. Later she married Zaddock Moore 16 Aug 1860 in Ipsa, Al
Anslem Lawson 15 GA
R A Lawson 13 GA
Jane Lawson 12 GA

1860 Georgia Militia District 782, Harris, Georgia 16 JulyPost Office: Hamiltonhouse 320
Jesse Milner 27 abt 1833 Georgia (Country) Male
Frances Milner 23 abt 1837 Georgia (Country) Female
Austin Milner 3 abt 1857 Georgia (Country) Male
house 321
Hopson Milner 66 abt 1794 Vir Male
Nancy Milner 65 abt 1795 North Carolina Female
house 322
Richard Milner 28 abt 1832 Georgia (Country) Male
R A Milner 22 abt 1838 Georgia (Country) Female
R W Milner 2 abt 1858 Georgia (Country) Male
Alice Milner 1 abt 1859 Georgia (Country) Female
Mary Milner 2.12 abt 1860 Georgia (Country) Female
house 311
L B Milner 39 abt 1821 Georgia (Country) Male
Sarah J Milner 28 abt 1832 Georgia (Country) Female
A L Milner 17 abt 1843 Georgia (Country) Male
A J Milner 15 abt 1845 Georgia (Country) Male
Alex Milner 12 abt 1848 Georgia (Country) Male
Elizabeth Milner 11 abt 1849 Georgia (Country) Female
H A Milner 7 abt 1853 Georgia (Country) Male
as Milner 5 abt 1855 Georgia (Country) Male
Jesse Milner 4 abt 1856 Georgia (Country) Male
Richard Milner 2 abt 1858 Georgia (Country) Male
Information about Isham Meadows-
m Nancy Pollard Jul 5 1821 in Wilkes Co GA. In 1802, the Meadows were cut off from Wilkes County, and put into Greene County, Georgia. 
1850 U.S. Census, Harris Co., Ga., p. 65, #196/206, Dowdell’s Dist., 7 Oct. 1850.
Meadows, Nancy 45
Lavina 26
Henning 22
Mary 19
Armstead, 15
Asa A. 13
Martha 11
William 6

1860 U.S. Census, Harris Co., Ga., p. 548, #303/303
Medows, Nancy 57
William Meadows 16

1850 U.S. Census, Harris Co., Ga., p. 66, #203/213
Meadows, Joseph 23
Susannah 21
Mary J. 4
William T. 3

1850 Harris Co., Slave Schedule: Joseph Madows, 5 slaves

1870 U.S. Census, Tallapoosa Co., Ala., p. 162, Rome Beat #14, P. O. Jones X Roads, #15/16
Meador Henning 41 b. Ga. $250/$175
Emma 30, b. Ga
William 9, b. Ala.
Henry 4, b. Ala.
James 8/12, b. Ala.

1860 U.S. Census, Harris Co., Ga., p. 548, #301/301
Mdows, Omstead 25 Ga
Elizabeth 22 Ga
William 4
James 7/12

1870 U.S. Census, Meriwether Co., Ga., p. 233, P.O. Warm Springs, #18/18
Elizabeth Nunn 57
Robert Nunn 18
Anna Nunn 14
Mary Meadows 35 (is this Elizabeth?)
William Meadows 15
James Meadows, age 10 All b. Ga
Children below I have not checked myself and am pasting them in from
John C MeadowsM1820 in Wilkes, Georgia
Elizabeth MeadowsF1822
Lavina MeadowsF1824 in Harris, Georgia
Henning Dallas MeadowsM27 Jan 1829 in Georgia
Mary Jane MeadowsF1831
Armstead MeadowsM1835 in Harris, Georgia, USA
Asa A MeadowsM1837 in Harris, Georgia, USA
Martha MeadowsF1839
William MeadowsM1844 in Harris, Ge
Information about Susannah Meadows-
Name: Susannah Meadows
Spouse: John R. Patterson
Marriage Date: 26 Jun 1823 
but her father was already in AL by this time--she could have made a trip back to GA to visit brother Isham who also married in Wilkes Co? John R. could be John F. Patterson, son of Francis Patterson and Milley Heard of Wilkes Co. or he could be a descendant of John Patterson and Rebecca Ford, early settlers in Wilkes, now part of Elbert GA.
Marriage County: Wilkes
Marriage State: Georgia
Notes downloaded from Rootsweb.

SOURCE: * Dianne Miller - Haleyville, Al. John Patterson was born in either South Carolina or Elbert County, Georgia.

sold land: JOHN PATTERSON & REBECKAH PATTERSON, to George Thomason, all of Elbert Co., for 6600 lbs. neat inspected tobacco at Petersburg, on Cold Water Creek in said co., 200 acres, adj. Hugh Hareron, Nathl. Hunt, Jesse Ginn, William Teasley, Randolph McDonald, & Daniel Johnson, originally granted to JOHN PATTERSON & REBECKAH PATTERSON in said co

sold land: JOHN PATTERSON & REBECKAH his wife to John Rucker, Junr., all of Elbert Co., for $1250, two tracts, one granted in Wilkes Co., now Elbert Co., to said PATTERSON for 300 acres, 12 Jul 1784, on Vanns Creek waters, adj. W. by J. Brown, N.E. by Reubin White, Senr., S. by John Rucker & Jos. Rucker, S.W. by Adam Gaar. 2nd tract granted to said PATTERSON 24 Jan 1798 for 27 1/2 acres, adj. N.E. by R. White, E. by S. Henderson, S. by John Rucker, 327 1/2 in fee simple. Signed JOHN (x) PATTERSON, REBECKAH (x) PATTERSON. Witn: Adam Gaar, Joseph White, Joel Gaar, John Rucker, Senr., Eli Eavenson, Elbert Co., GA: proved by John Rucker, Senr., 4 Mar 1808. Adam Gaar, J.P. Regd. 5 Mar 1808

sold land: JOHN PATTERSON & REBECKAH his wife to Nelly Anthony, all of Elbert Co., for $180, on Savannah River & waters thereof in said co., adj. Glasscock, Joseph Moore, & William Alexander, 138 acres orig. granted to Robert Kennedy.
Witn: WILLIAM PATTERSON, Nancy Gaar, Adam Gaar, J.P. Regd. 22 Apr 1807

sold land: JOHN PATTERSON & REBECKAH his wife to Reubin White, all of Elbert Co., for $40, 23 acres, being part of 55 acres granted to sd. JOHN PATTERSON by Gov. James Jackson in sd. co. on Vanns Creek waters, adj. JOHN PATTERSON, John Mann, Reubin White, crossing branch, & 16 acres in above tract with 7 acres, adj. said White, Benjamin Herndun, PATTERSON, in fee simple.
Signed JOHN (J) PATTERSON, REBECKAH (x) PATTERSON. Witn: Joseph Rucker, J.P., JESSE (x) PATTERSON. Rec. 5 Mar 1808
Did Susannah Meadows also marry a Harrison which is why the Harrison´s live in Ransom´s house in 1860? Ransom had let son William and daughter Patsy Farris live in Meadowlawn at Lowndesboro after he went to Tallapoosa.-
1880: Distriction 601, Taliaferro, Georgia
William Harrison 79
Susan Harrison 75
William Harrison 37
Falby Harrison 30
Clarence Harrison 3
Susan Harrison 1
Information about Elizabeth Jane Meadows-
Some researchers name Elizabeth AND Jane--two people. The Lowndes County Court record has Isham's handwritten Will on pages 154-156. Their typed list of named children has Elizabeth Jane as one person. She was supposed to have married William S. Smith (no proof) but it is hard to find an Elizabeth Jane with a William S. as there are so many Smiths anyway. I did find this but have no idea if it is she:
1860: Washington, Georgia
Post Office: Sandersville
William Smith 57
Elizabeth J Smith 53
Sallie T Smith 19
Julia A Smith 16
Ella Munice Smith 11
Information about Asa Meadows-
1860 U.S. Census, Harrison Co., Texas, p. 516, P.O. Marshall, #338/327
Meddows, A. 32 [52] male, $3150/$15,350, b. Ga.
S., age 38, female, b. Ala.
M., age 18, female, b. Ala.
M. age 16, female, b. Ala.
I., age 14, male, b. Ala.
Ann, age 8, female, b. Texas
A. age 7, male, b. Texas.

1870 U.S. Census, Harrison Co., Texas, p. 180, P.O. Marshall, #144/153
Meadows, Asa, age 63, male, white, b. Ga.
Sarah 48 female, white, b. Ala.
Isham 24 male, white, b. Ala.
Florence 18, female, white, b. Texas
Asa 16, male, white, b. Texas
William 12, male, white, b. Texas
Davis 8, male, white, b. Texas
Here is a list of children from Ancestry for Asa Meadows and his wife Sarah Foscue. The tree seems to be from a family Bible because of the exact dates. It is not clear where the info comes from. The couple started out living up near Rockford in Coosa Co. which is where the family friends, the Hardys, had moved. Asa' s older brother Ransom Meadows soon followed, but like some other of Ransom's children, Asa ended up in Texas, as you can see from the list of children's births:
Frances Susan Meadows b: 7 MAY 1841 in Rockford, Coosa County, Alabama
Maria Elizabeth Meadows b: 23 JUL 1842 in Rockford, Coosa County, Alabama
Martha Jane Meadows b: 17 FEB 1844 in Rockford, Coosa County, Alabama
Isham Augustus MEADOWS b: 1846
Elizabeth Evans MEADOWS b: 26 JAN 1848
Sarah Anne Scurlock Meadows b: 21 DEC 1849 in Rockford, Coosa County, Alabama
Florence Ann Meadows b: 2 FEB 1851 in Jefferson, Cass County, Texas
Asa Benjamin Meadows b: 19 JUL 1853 in Jefferson County, Texas
Alice Mary Meadows b: 13 JUL 1855 in Jefferson, Cass County, Texas
William Frederick Meadows b: 25 JAN 1858 in Jefferson, Cass County, Texas
Dovie Vanetta or Monetta Meadows b: 9 FEB 1862 in Jefferson, Cass County, Texas
Information about Martha Meadows-

Martha married Peter Huffman when she was 15 years old 
19 APR 1830. She is in the 1830 census with her new husband. His wife may have died in childbirth as there is a child born about 1830 Frances A. Hoffmann. A newpaper report says Martha died having her 8th child. These would be
  1. David H. HUFFMAN b 1833
  2. John HUFFMAN b: 1838
  3. Benjamin HUFFMAN b: 1840 named after Martha´s brother
  4. William HUFFMAN b: 1842
  5. Peter HUFFMAN b: 1844 named after his fatherHas No Children
  6. Daniel HUFFMAN b: 1845 named after Martha´s brotherHas No Children
  7. Martha E HUFFMAN b: 1847 named after Martha
  8. Catherine Huffmann Feb 1850
1860: Division 1, MontgomeryAlabama
Post Office: Montgomery
1079/1050Daniel Meadows 40

Sarah Meadows 36
Daniel Hufman 14 Martha´s son living with her brother Daniel Edward Meadows
1860: Southern Division, LowndesAlabama
Gender: Female
Post Office: Mount Willing

John Huffman 22
J M A Huffman 20
W C Huffman 1.12

Thos Butter 24
1860: 9th August
Northern Division, LowndesAlabama
Post Office: Hayneville
Josia Haigler 54
Mary Haigler 37
John F Haigler 21
Caroline Haigler 15
Laura L Haigler 13
Josiah P Haigler 11
Martha Haigler 9
Louis H Haigler 5

Mary L Hoffman 14
Catherine Hoffman
 10 (b Feb 1850)
1860: Northern Division, LowndesAlabama
Post Office: Hayneville

Henry Huffman 49 SC This probably Peter Huffmann´s brother
Amelia Huffman 39 SC
Milliage Huffman 23 SC
Wm H Huffman 19 AL
Jimmie Huffman 17 SC
Emma J Huffman 13 AL
Claria A Huffman 12 AL
Leroy Huffman 10 Al
Ugine Huffman 4 AL

1860: Southern Division, CoosaAlabama
Post Office: Buyckville
Wm H Spigner 43
Caroline Spigner 42

Wm Spigner 18
Geo Spigner 16
Juliana Spigner 14
H Spigner 12
H L Spigner 10
W Spigner 5
Piter Hoffman 47 SC maybe living with a sister
Isham (1765)´s sons James and Daniel Edward both have Daniel Huffman in their house, alternately, proving their relationship to Martha Meadows Huffman, their sister.
Martha´s Children
1. Frances Ann (Fanny) HUFFMAN b: 1830 married James M. Dean actually a child by Peter´s first wife)
2. David H HUFFMAN b: 1833 ?
3. John H HUFFMAN b: 1838
4. Benjamin HUFFMAN b: 04 Mar 1840
5. William HUFFMAN b: 1842
6. Peter A HUFFMAN b: 1844
7. Daniel HUFFMAN b: 1845
8. Martha Ellen HUFFMAN b: 16 Apr 1848 in Montgomery Co, AL
9. Catherine HUFFMAN b: February 1850 lives with Josiah Haigler in 1860 
10. James HUFFMAN not Martha´s 

11. Edward HUFFMAN not Martha´s
Information about James Meadows-
Carolyn Golowka
October 2002
Marriage Book 1, Lowndes County Alabama
May 30, 1830 - Feb. 13, 1848
These marriages records were first compiled from "Lowndes Court House," by Mildred Brewer Russell and/or the Lowndes County Historical and Genealogical Society/s newsletters over the years. I then went to the microfilm available through the LDS (Morman) Church Family History Library and compared to the original marriage books. What is here is what was in the marriage books. As with Mrs. Russell's book and the newsletter, there are bound to be mistakes. Check the original books on microfilm to make sure of theinformation. I would appreciate any corrections you find in the marriage books so I can make thosecorrections here.
There are seven marriage records that have page number and were not found in the marriage book. I had this checked with the actual books and these are not there and there are pages that have been torn out of the marriage book. I assume these marriage records were there when Mrs. Russell wrote her book (before 1949 when she died).
Surnames L - Z
Meadows, James and Poole, Ellen A. Jul 17, 1841 1 337 Alexander, William M.

This is Ellen A. S. Daniel Poole, widow of Edmund Augustus Poole of Massachusetts who died
1834 in Lowndesboro, AL- She is the daughter of William Daniel and born in Camden SC. Her brother is Has Children John Daniel b: 1810Her 1st child was Ellen Serana Poole b 1833 Camden SC married Joseph Bell. 2nd child William H. Poole living with her in this census. In 1840 censusEllen is is at her mother Ellen Marlow or Ellen Marlor Daniel's plantation in Lowndes. Her father William Daniel was born about 1760-69 had died after coming to AL.
Click for entire 2 page Letter from Augustus Poole Bell.
For more information on the Bell and Cloud families click here Vincent Hardy Bell and his grandfather William Cloud of Faifield SC
1850 Slave censusWilliam Meadows 22 slaves Lowndes Ransom´s son
James Meadows 20 slaves Lowndes Isham´s son
B.S. Meadows 8 slaves Lowndes 
Isham´s son Benjamin, near James Gordon, father of his second wife
Daniel Meadows in Montogomery 8 slaves Isham´s son Daniel Edward
Ransom Meadows 37 slaves Tallapaoosa
Moses Meadows 7 slaves Tallapaoosa Ransom´s son
J D Meadows 4 
slaves Tallapaoosa Ransom´s son?
Elias Meadows 4 in Coosa Ransom´s son
1850 Lowndes Co AL Lowndes Dist
House 17/17 ancestry image 145. although are supposedly 143
Tops of pages are missing and dates. In the slave schedule, James Meadows is only 2 pages away from B. S. Meadows, but the regular Ancestry census indexing for Benjamin S. Meadows is missing. However it is in a transcribed version on rootsweb:

17 September 1850 
James Meadows 32 Planter GA had 36 slaves Isham´s son (Ransom has 37 slaves)
Ellen S. 32 SC 

Francis D. 8 AL male
Mary J. 6 AL
Martha A. 5 AL
Rebecca E. 3 AL
James Meadows 6 months Al

William Pool 16 AL attends school
William H. Poole 
Born: 1834-01 Died: 1861-08-19 is Ellen's son by a first marriage to Edmund Augustus Poole. He married his cousin Martha Evelyn Cloud called "cousin Eva" by her cousin Augustus Poole Bell. Eva was the daughter of James H. Cloud who married Sarah Ann Bell, a daughter of Vincent H. Bell and a sister to Joseph Bell. James H. Cloud Born:1826 SC Died:1870-01-29 Mcdonough,Henry,Ga was the son of Joseph Cloud Born: 1770-03-23 Camden,Kershaw,SC Died:1851-10-05 Kershaw,SC who married at Wateree Kershaw to Martha Nettles on Christmas Day 1801.
1860: Southern Division, Lowndes, Alabama
Post Office: Mount Willing
W H Poole 27 William Born: 1834-01 Died: 1861-08-19 
M E Poole 22 SC Martha Evelyn "Eva" Cloud died 1861 after having her 3rd child. She was the d/o of a daughter of Vincent Bell
E D Poole 2 Edward Daniel Poole married 
his cousin Annie Elizabeth Bell Born:1860-12-09 Died: 1915-08-19, dau of Ananias N. Bell and Sarah Ann Huckabee. 
Emma Poole 1
Ellen Serana Poole married on January 11, 1849 to Joseph Bell b: 11 FEB 1809 in Camden, SC died 13 June 1861 Autagua AL, buried Lowndes Co on his 1400 acre plantationFirst son Augustus Poole Bell born in October. Vincent's mother -Clare Cloud- her father was William Cloud.
1860: Northern Division, Lowndes, Alabama
Post Office: Hayneville
Joseph Bell 49 SC

E S Bell 27 SC (Ellen Serana Poole-daughter of Ellen A.S.Daniel Poole married 2nd to James Meadows)
A P Bell 10 AL male (Augustus Poole Bell)
Joseph Bell 8
Vincent Bell 6 Vincent Hardy Bell 
b 2 July 1853 William Henry Bell married Lula Cheek Garrett died 28 March 1914 in Greenville, Butler Co, Al (Carol Golowka)
William Bell 5 
M A Bell 3 (Mary went to live with Osborn by 1870)
Laura J Bell b 1
 b: 22 FEB 1859 died 10 January 1900 in Statesville, Autuaga Co., Al lived with after the war with relatives?, sister Mary went to Osborne's
Quote from the above A. P. Bell- Augustus Poole BellI was born in October 1849 in a double log house. My father hadn't bought the 1400-acre plantation then. He bought it about 3 years after. He sold the plantation on which I was born to Uncle Annanias Bell. Mother died in the Fall of 1864. We were then living in Butler County, Adjoining Lowndes. Uncle William Poole married a niece of father's, his sister's child. Their children on their father's side are my first cousins, and on their mother's my second. Uncle William Poole went into the army in 1862, was wounded in the battle of Franklin, Tenn. In the Fall of 1864 and died of blood poison. Cousin Eva, his wife died early in the Fall of 1860.My father, five brothers and two sisters were born and raised in South Carolina on a farm, where they stayed and worked on the farm until they were 21. William Bell moved to Georgia, died there, leaving a widow, son, daughter and a little grandson. He was poor. Jim Bell moved to Mississippi. I don't know his circumstances. Only that he had little or no wealth. Annanias, Osborne, and LeRoy moved to Alabama. Uncle Lee had nothing; he was overseer for my father 1 year. My father, Joseph Bell, moved to Alabama soon after it was admitted into the Union in 1819. I became acquainted with an old man in 1865 that knew my father when he owned only a horse, a bridle, and saddle and was teaching school. He died in July 1861 at the age of only 52. He left 2 plantations well stocked, the home place something more than 1400 acres, the other plantation in an adjoining county, 1240 acres, and 92 Negroes. Although it was said he died in Autaga Co., he is buried in his family graveyard on his plantation near Haynesville, Lowndes Co , Al between Hayneville and Letohatchie. We lived about 4 miles from Haynesville and about 3 1/3 miles from Letohatchie, which are about 7 miles apart. We lived about 1/2 mile off the public road, the road running through the plantation, cutting off 400 or 500 acres on one side, from the settlements. My father's tomb stands on a little hill sloping on all sides alike, about 200 yards from the public road on the side toward the settlements. He selected the spot yards before he died. My brother Willie, my third brother, has been buried there also. My father, five brothers and two sisters were born and raised in South Carolina on a farm, where they stayed and worked on the farm until they were 21. William Bell moved to Georgia.....Jim Bell moved to Mississippi.....Annanias, Osborne, and LeRoy Bell moved to Alabama. Uncle Lee ... was overseer for my father 1 year...Uncle Annanias was younger than my father, but married first, his first child being 7 or 8 years older than I was. He lived 3 miles from us, on the road from Hayneville to Letohatchie and 1 mile from Hayneville.......Uncle Osborne was still younger.... lived in Montgomery County 18 miles from us. ... My brother Joe and I boarded in his family when going to our first school. I was 10, Joe 8. Uncle Osborne's oldest child, N.J. Bell, was in the banking business when he died, worth about $1,000,000.....
1860- 5 June Hayneville PO, Northern Division, Lowndes, Alabama
House 37/35
James Meadows 42 GA Farmer $15,800 $40,600
Ellen A Meadows 42 (Married: 17 Jul 1841 Ellen A. Serena Daniel by birth)
F D Meadows 18 Francis
M J Meadows 16 Mary Jane
M A Meadows 15 Martha Ann
E E Meadows 12 Rebecca Ellen
James Meadows 10 
Meadows 4 Nully (Nelly)
1860 Slave census
James Meadows had 44 slaves 
Isham´s son
Ransom Meadows had 21 slaves down in Lowndes and registered none in Tallapoosa this year
Benjamin S. Meadows 17 slaves 
Isham´s son
William Meadows had 9 slaves 
Montgomery Ransom´s son
David Meadows 14 slaves (this should say Daniel)
1870 Hayneville PO, beat no 1, LowndesAlabama
30 July 1870 wealth reduced by lack of slave property and labor
James Meadows 52 GA Planter $200 $100
Ellen Meadows 53 SC (Ellen Daniel by birth)
Ellen H or N Meadows 26 AL
Nully A. Meadows 14 female AL
Eddy Poole 12 AL 

Emma Poole 11 AL
Daniel Hoofman 25 AL (James Meadows' sister Martha´s son)
Evva Poole 9 AL
1860: Southern Division, Lowndes, Alabama
Post Office: Mount Willing
W H Poole 27 AL Planter $6400 $21,898 William died 1864 of blood poisoning after a battle in TN
M E Poole 22 SC Martha Evelyn "Eva" Cloud his cousin died 1861 after 3rd child -she was d/o of Sarah Ann Bell Born:1816 SC Died:1855 Mcdonough, Henry, Georgia (d/o Vincent H. Bell) and James H Cloud b 1826 SC Died: 29 Jan 1870 Mcdonough, Henry, Ga. He was the son of Joseph Cloud and Martha Nettles.
E D Poole 2 
Edward Daniel Poole b 1858-02-08 Mt Willing Lowndes AL d 1923-11-21 Lowndes, AL orphan of William Poole and Martha Evelyn Cloud, Eddy married his cousin 21 Dec 1880 Lowndes AL Annie Elizabeth Bell Born:1860-12-09 Died: 1915-08-19, dau of Ananias N. Bell and Sarah Ann Huckabee.
Evva Poole 1 
-Willie Evelyn Poole b 1861-02-06 Mt Willing, Lowndes AL d 1937-06-22 Charlotte,NC married her cousin Wyatt Thomas Bell b 1848-07-21 SC died 1910-11-13, son of Ananias N. Bell and Sarah Huckabee 
Willie and Wyatt's children.
Fannie Maude Bell 30 Oct 1881 in Ft Deposit Al 
Willie Ernest Bell 29 Mar 1884 in Kershaw, SC 
Evelyn Cloud Bell 22 Jul 1886 in Kershaw, SC 
Daisy Mae Bell F 10 Mar 1889 in Kershaw, SC 
Robert Emmett Bell 14 Oct 1891 
Forrest Leslie Bell 18 Oct 1894 in Camden, Kershaw, SC 
Wyatt Gordon Bell 5 Jun 1897 in Camden, Kershaw, SC
Information about Daniel Edward Meadows-
1850 Slave censusWilliam Meadows 22 slaves Lowndes Ransom´s son
James Meadows 20 slaves Lowndes Isham´s son
B.S. Meadows 8 slaves Lowndes 
Isham´s son Benjamin, near James Gordon, father of his second wife
Daniel Meadows in Montogomery 8 slaves Isham´s son Daniel Edward who may have settled on land given him by his father in law, or perhaps isham still had some land there.
Ransom Meadows 37 slaves Tallapaoosa
Moses Meadows 7 slaves Tallapaoosa Ransom´s son
J D Meadows 4 
slaves Tallapaoosa Ransom´s son?
Elias Meadows 4 in Coosa Ransom´s son
1850 State: AL County: Montgomery Sheet No: D1-12
Reel No: M432-12 Division: The First District Page No: 76A Enumerated on: 25th of September, 1850 by: F. C. Armstrong Transcribed by Annette Moates Sasser and Proofread by Beatrice Findley Moates for USGenWeb, Copyright: 2005
line 20 house 106/107 
Jack Brassel 70 M Farmer 5000 NC 
(Sarah P. Brassell´s father Jacob of Guilford Co. N.Cdied 1865 in Montgomery Co AL married Arrita Caffey 20 Mar 1827. It is a French origin name-BREAZEALE?Brazile)
Easter Brassel 49 F SC 
Danl Brassel 23 M None Ala Idiot 
Jackson Brassel 18 M Labourer Ala X
Lidia Brassel 14 F Ala X 
Rosabella Brassel 9 F Ala 
Cornelia Brassel 6 F Ala 
Albert Brassel 4 M Ala 
Elizabeth S***** 18 F SC 5000 
Line 29 house 107/108 
Danl Meadows 31 M Farmer 1300 Ala Isham's son
Sarah Meadows 25 F Ala 
Line 31 house 108/109 

Washington Brassel 27 M Farmer 1300 Ala 
Elizabeth Brassel 22 F Ala
Jno Brassel 5 M Ala 
Sarah Brassel 3 F Ala 
Geo Brassel 2 M Ala 
Mary Bazer 19 F Ala 
Geo Bazer 17 M Labourer Ala
1860 census 8 August
Montogermy PO
Division 1, Montgomery, Alabama
Daniel Meadows 40 AL Planter $2780 $15,800 (Isham´s son Daniel Edward Meadows)
Sarah Meadows 36 AL
Daniel Hufman 14 AL his sister Martha´s child by Peter Huffman
1860 Slave census
James Meadows had 44 slaves Isham´s son
Ransom Meadows had 21 slaves down in Lowndes and registered none in Tallapoosa this year
Benjamin S. Meadows 
17 slaves Isham´s son
William Meadows had 9 slaves 
Montgomery Ransom´s son
David Meadows 14 slaves (this should say Daniel)
Information about Benjamin S. Meadows-
1850 Slave censusWilliam Meadows 22 slaves Lowndes Ransom´s son
James Meadows 20 slaves Lowndes Isham´s son
B.S. Meadows 8 slaves Lowndes 
Isham´s son Benjamin, near James Gordon, father of his second wife
Daniel Meadows in Montogomery 8 slaves Isham´s son Daniel Edward
Ransom Meadows 37 slaves Tallapaoosa
Moses Meadows 7 slaves Tallapaoosa Ransom´s son
J D Meadows 4 
slaves Tallapaoosa Ransom´s son?
Elias Meadows 4 in Coosa Ransom´s son
1850 Lowndes Co AL Lowndes Dist
House 47/47 
-ancestry does not have this page image
line 18-20
Meadows Benj S 26 M Planter 600 Alabama
Meadows Hannah M 20 F Alabama Hannah is a nickname for Ann
 (ben m.Annie BrassellJan 25 1847 in Montg Co)
Meadows Zachary T W(esley) 3 M Alabama
Carolyn Golowka
October 2003
Marriage Book A, Lowndes County Alabama
March 14, 1866 - August 16, 1879
Groom Surnames A - Z
These marriages records were first compiled from "Lowndes Court House," by Mildred Brewer Russell and/or the Lowndes County Historical and Genealogical Society/s newsletters over the years. I then went to the microfilm available through the LDS (Morman) Church Family History Library and compared to the original marriage books. What is here is what was in the marriage books. As with Mrs. Russell's book and the newsletter, there are bound to be mistakes. Check the original books on microfilm to make sure of theinformation. I would appreciate any corrections you find in the marriage books so I can make thosecorrections here.
There are seven marriage records that have page number and were not found in the marriage book. I had this checked with the actual books and these are not there and there are pages that have been torn out of the marriage book. I assume these marriage records were there when Mrs. Russell wrote her book (before 1949 when she died).
Information under comments are one of the following:
1. Question on the name of either the bride or groom either because of known families in the area or because it was hard to read.
2. Information I added that may be helpful in identification of the bride or groom such as previous marriage information (that can be found in this list), title such as Capt., or parent name that is from either wills, census records, or tombstones.
3. Actual information listed on the marriage record such as permission given by and whom.
Inforamtion in parenthesis ( ) added by Carolyn Golowka, from census, wills, estate records,
tombstones and/or family Bible records
Meadows, B. S. and Gordon, Eliza Ann Nov 25, 1868 A 134 Bailey, Thomas M. MG Bond co-signed by G. W. McQueen
Meadows, Wesley Z(achary) Ansley, Mary Jan 09, 1872 A 314 Bond co-signed by M. Pruitt
1860 Slave census
James Meadows had 44 slaves 
Isham´s son
Ransom Meadows had 21 slaves down in Lowndes and registered none in Tallapoosa this year
Benjamin S. Meadows 17 slaves 
Isham´s son
William Meadows had 9 slaves 
Montgomery Ransom´s son
David Meadows 14 slaves (this should say Daniel)
1870 Hayneville, LowndesAlabama
30 July 1870 wealth reduced by lack of slave property and labor
Benjamin Meadows 45 GA Planter $200 $100
Eliza A. Meadows 35 SC (2nd wife-Elizabeth Ann /duaghter of James H. Gordon 1800 Kentucky)
Benjamin J. Meadows 16 AL
, son by a first wife Annie
Nully A. Meadows 14 female AL
 by a first wife Annie 
Asa E. 10 AL, son 
by a first wife Annie 
Gordon K. 10 months AL, first child by Eliza Ann
Sally Smith 49 Black domestic servant SC
Jacob 55 Black farm labor SC
Her father
1860 Hayneville, Lowndes, AL
James H Gordon Sr 60 KTY
Nancy Gordon 56 VA
Eliza Gordon 24 AL married Benjamin S. Meadows, son of Isham and Martha
James F Gordon 21 AL
M A Gordon 19 AL female
Alice M Gordon 14 AL
W T Gordon 12 AL male
T F Mangum 25
below-Carol Cook Allsup info, probably from a family Bible
Father: Samuel II GORDON b: 10 Oct 1769 in Woodford County KY
Mother: Rachel HERRON b: 10 Jan 1770 in North Carolina
* Married: 11 Aug 1790 in Richmond, Madison County KY
1. Mary "Polly" GORDON b: 10 Oct 1791 in Kentucky
2. Samuel III GORDON b: 8 Feb 1793 in Madison, Kentucky
3. Francis GORDON b: 4 Jan 1795 in Madison, Kentucky
4. David GORDON b: 27 Jul 1797 in Kentucky
5. James H. GORDON b: 27 Jul 1799 in Kentucky married Nancy
6. Rachel GORDON b: 29 Apr 1801 in Marion County, Tennessee
7. Robert GORDON b: 17 Feb 1803
8. Jane GORDON b: 22 Jun 1805
9. Andrew GORDON b: 23 Jul 1807 in Maury Tennessee
10. Eliza GORDON b: 30 Jul 1809 in Maury Tn
11. Elizabeth GORDON b: 25 Jul 1813 in Tennessee
Information about Benjamin S. son -
Wesley Zachary Meadows´ father was Benjamin S. Meadows´, son of Isham Meadows and Martha Stephens. The S. probably stands for Stevens or Stephens, although I have seen some people say Samuel, but there are no Samuels in this family. Benjamin Meadows married Annie Braswell Jan 25 1847 in Montg Co AL. Also listed as Brassel or Brazil in old records. He was listed with slaves in 1860 Lowndes census. Benjamin´s brother Daniel Edward Meadows married a Sarah P. Braswell. (Also Brassel.)
1880 Steep Creek, Lowndes AL
W. Z. Meadows 32 AL AL AL (Zachary)
Mary E. Meadows 27
Tempie L. Meadows 20 probably a sister
Bennie Meadows 7 (Benjamin named after his grandfather)
Annie L. Meadows 5
(Wesley) Ransom Meadows 4
David L. Meadows 3
(Mary) Estelle Meadows 1
Wesley Zachary´s children
1. Bennie Meadows b: ABT 1874 in of Lownes, Al (Benjamin, after his grandfather)
2. Annie L. Meadows b: ABT 1877 in of Lownes, Al (named after grandmother Annie Braswell)
3. Wesley Ransom Meadows b: 5 Feb 1876 in of Lownes, Al (named after his great uncle Ransom in Tallapoosa Co)
4. David L. Meadows b: 1877 in Al named after his uncle David Edward meadows
5. Mary Estelle Meadows b: 3 Jul 1879 in Haynesville al named after her mother Mary Eleanor
6. Eleanor Meadows named after he mother Mary Eleanor
7. Thomas Ansley Meadows b: 11 Feb 1884 in Al (named after his great uncle Ransom´s son Tom who died in Lowndes Co in the 1840s)
8. Maud Meadows b: 1882 in Al
Marriage 1 Mary Eleanor Ansley b: Jul 1853 in Mt. Willing, Lownes, AlUsa
  • Married: 7 Jan 1872 in Lowndes, Al.Usa
Note: · Father: Benjamin Thomas ANSLEY Mother: Media Ann Elizabeth LEE
Spouse 1: Wesley A. Meadows
Spouse 2: Mary Ansley
Marriage Date: 07 Jan 1872
Marriage Place: Lowndes
Surety/Bond Date:
Performed By:
OSPage: 314
 2nd Henry BALTZER
  1. Bennie Meadows b: ABT 1874 in of Lowndes, AlUsa
  2. Annie L. Meadows b: ABT 1877 in of Lowndes, AlUsa
  3. Wesley Ransom Meadows b: 5 Feb 1876 in of Lowndes, AlUsa
  4. David L. Meadows b: 1877 in Alabama
  5. Mary Estelle Meadows b: 3 Jul 1879 in Haynesville al
  6. Thomas Ansley Meadows b: 11 Feb 1884 in Alabama
  7. Maud Meadows b: 1882 in Alabama
  8. Eleanor MEADOWS Birth: ABT 1887

Spring 2007
Dear Susan:
 I got your Meadows word file attachment. Good job. 
 I descend from Daniel Meadows (b. 1779) who married Ann Thompson. He was a brother of Isham Meadows (b. circa 1765) who died in Lowndes CountyAla. I've known that I descend from Daniel Meadows since I first started doing genealogy in 1958. The book I published in 1976 - Daniel Meadows and His Descendants - was about Daniel Meadows (b. 1779) and as many of his descendants I could prove. It took many more years of work to gather up the records of the other Meadows in earlyGeorgia. I was able to eliminate which Meadows weren't connected to my Daniel, but couldn't prove for a long time how they were all related to each other. The few records left by Daniel's father and brothers in Wilkes, Greene, and Taliaferro CountiesGeorgia, didn't prove how they were related to each other. Many things had to be deduced, because of a lack of records the Meadows recorded in those three counties. It wasn't until Frank Parker Hudson published the Wilkes County Tax Records in 1996 that it all came together. I had gone through the WilkesCounty tax records at the Georgia Archives, but hadn't finished getting all the citations. I corresponded with descendants of Daniel's brothers, James and John, during the 1980s, but never found anyone doing research on Isham, b. 1765. My Daniel Meadows book had been out of print since 1982, so I thought it would be nice to post part of it on the internet. I also wanted to add the research I had done on Daniel's father, Isham, and his grandfather, Daniel Meadows. Since it appeared to me that no one had ever brought the entire family together, I wanted to prove the children and grandchildren of my Daniel's brothers. Isham (b. 1765) is, of course, one of those brothers. I published on the internet the records I could find on those brothers, their children, and grandchildren. I'm not interested in their descendants past that. Thank you for proving the Hardy. I couldn't read the awful copy of the original handwriting of that heirship document. Michal Farmer

Earlier letter on 4. January 2006 from Michal Farmer below- about the old article written by a descendant of Isham´s --thru Ransom´s great granddaughter Susan Ann Meadows b 1851. Susan was the daughter of Gilbert. Unfortunately I have only one page.

You haven't read and studied my Meadows research on my web site. I spent thousands of hours proving our Meadows family. I have forty years of experience doing genealogical research. The reason I posted my Meadows research on the Internet was to correct all the errors you and many of the others have.

I already have everything you sent me in this e-mail. I have already evaluated just about everything that exists about our Meadows family. I wouldn't have published the Meadows on my web site until I was through evaluating all the evidence.

I don't have the publication date of this family history. I have photocopies of the pages. It is useless though. These pages include more errors than facts. The person who did this family history had not done genealogical research and didn't have the experience to evaluate the research. This family history is not proof of anything except the picture of the gravestone of Ransom Meadows. It is all wrong. This family history is where most of the errors about the Meadows originate. The family history doesn't include one wrong statement. It includes about thirty wrong statements. It is folly to believe statements in old family history books that have no documents for the facts.

As I said to you yesterday, Isham Meadows (b. 1740) was probably married twice. I can't yet prove the names of his wives, but I'm still researching. Isham Meadows (b. 1765) married first circa 1784 in Warren Co., N.C., to Frances Acree, born circa 1768. I haven't proved yet when Frances Acree Meadows died or exactly when Isham married Martha. Isham married second to Martha. Martha is named in Isham's 1844 will as his wife. Martha's maiden name hasn't been proven yet. A transcript of Isham's Lowndes Co., 1844 will, is included in my Meadows compilation. You can print that out from my web site.

You said I did a good job on the Meadows, but you haven't read it. Daniel Meadows married Jane. Her maiden name wasn't Woodliffe. Her maiden name hasn't been proven yet. The discussion of this is on page 1 of my Meadows compilation. Daniel Meadows didn't marry this Jennings woman. It can't be proved where Daniel Meadows lived before Prince George County, Va.

The petition of the estate of Ransom Meadows is in my Meadows compilation on my web site. All of this is in my Meadows posted research. Ransom's children were (all proof on my web site):
1. Sarah married Asbury Oglegree
2. Martha married Samuel Farris
3. Mary married Robert Dick [and Sanders-susan
4. Gilbert married Rebecca Eden
5. William married Angeline Virginia McClendon
6. Elias married Susan Antoinette Towns
7. Moses married Didema Hogan
8. Stephen 
[daughter was Mary Ann Elizabeth who married William AL Hardy and Robert W. Hardy-susan] 
9. Elizabeth was married to a Bankston in 1863 [first to John B. Hardy-susan ] 
10. Milous married Mary A. Hardy.

Three of Ransom's children did not marry Hardys. Only one of them did .
[2 children and 2 grandchildren married Hardys-susan ] 

No, you don't get credit for finding Ransom Meadows in the 1850 census of Tallapoosa Co., Ala. I found him in the 1850 census twenty-five years ago. I have a microfilm reader and I own the microfilms of the Tallapoosa Co. censuses. The census records for Ransom Meadows and his children are transcribed in the footnotes of my Meadows genealogy posted on my web site. Please go to my web site and print out and read the documentation for Daniel Meadows, Isham Meadows (b. 1740), Isham Meadows (b. 1765), and Ransom Meadows. All of the proof is in the footnotes. Anything not included isn't proven

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